Smartleaders Gathering: re-charge our energy!

SmartLeaders 2017's Gathering was comiiiing...! This year employee gathering was quite far. Unlike the previous gathering that usually located around West-Java, this year, we were having super fun activities in Jogjakarta, Magelang, and Dieng, Wonosobo. To much? Ofcourse not ? Our gathering was started by strolling around Jogjakarta city, trying out local food and seeing local attraction. Surely, a change sight from a busy Jakarta ? And our next activity is Rafting in Ole River. This is our third time having rafting as our yearly gathering activity. But we still want more! Probably because there always something new in each of the river we visited that made our activity became more interesting! And the last is Dieng Plateu. This year gathering's highlight. A trip to Dieng Plateu that started at 03.00 am. Continued with 800 m hiking trip to the top of Sikunir Hill in 12°C and super windy weather. But at the end, we finally made it! What a great adventure guys....

SMART-LEADERS' Field Report from Intelligence Automation Exhibition in TAIPEI

Smart Leaders team proceeded to Taiwan for yet another technology update. Again because we always want to serve u better guys 

We went to  the Intelligence Automation Exhibition. We just realize that this Machine Vision is a pretty cheap approach for controll system in unknown environment. Almost all robots here are given vision. 

And now we really want to try to implement machine vision in Pertamina to help controlling the fuel distribution for Indonesian A controlling system which is not-bribeable, not-forgetable, and a true watcher.

Our Developer Workshop is Finally Open!

Finally, the development of our second location which located in Citra Indah City, cileungsi is done. This office is built with a vision that employee houses should be located near the office so they will able to give 24 hours x 365 days but not giving anyadditional burden for the employee. Besides, we also want to give employee an opportunity to have a decent housing for their family. Housing which will give them lots of opportunity to raise their children and still able to give the best service for their customers. Our first office that located in Jakarta made realizing this vision become so hard because of the high-price of the housing. Alhamdulillah, SL Citra office is the solution. Located near with fresh and cool weather Taman Bunga Mekar Sari. Our office provide a fresh environment and affordable house for all our employee. Equipped with specially design office interiors which give a comfortable, informal, and homy vibe and hopefully support original and creative works that we do. One by one, our staff started to move from small rentall house in Jakarta to their own house in fresh and comfortable housing in Citra Indah City. Hopefully, at the end, we will able to give the best service to all our customer.

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