We are Industrial Automation System manufacturer. Our Business is to produce a Smart Automation System for you in order to increase the efficiency and the productivity of your company and to solve its persistent problems. Our products usually include a set of software, hardware (infrastructure, devices), manpower training, and SOP documents (scheme of operating procedures as part of Business Process Reengineering).


Compared to similar companies, we are more accustomed to producing Automation Systems that are massive, nationwide, mission critical, and operating in internationally regulated hazardous environment. Very few companies in Indonesia have this kind of experience.

Our products have been used nationwide by PT Pertamina, a state-owned Fortune-500 companies rank 133 in 2014, for controlling the process of distributing fuel from Terminal Storages to Fuel Stations to the people of republic Indonesia in the last 6 years. As such, our products and our teams have been proven capable for:

    • Massive Nationwide implementation

Utilizing supervised distributed control architecture, our product currently runs on hundreds of servers and devices scattered over virtually all cities in Indonesia. It also integrates tons of external systems such as MySAP and various TAS systems (e.g. by Honeywell, Yokogawa, Shell DKI, etc).

    • Mission Critical System

Being a system for fuel distribution in big and volatile country such as Indonesia, our product must work 24-hour 7-day virtually without system failure. Single system failure is sufficient to create politically unstable environment within the country.

    • Standard Compliance Implementation

Being a system for Oil & Gas distribution, our product and teams are accustomed to work with hazardous environment regulated by strict International standards such as the -IEC and ATEX standards.

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